How To Fix QuickBooks Error Code 15270?

QuickBooks Error 15270

QuickBooks is a robust accounting software used by numerous businesses for financial management purposes. 

It helps handle investments, deductions, and payroll-related tasks conveniently.

Are you a QuickBooks user? And use it for handling payroll? 

You must have encountered an error: ‘The payroll update did not complete successfully. The update is missing a file.’ 

It is also known as QuickBooks Error 15270.

This article teaches you to resolve this error in a simple step-by-step process. So, let’s explore the methods and resolve your error together!


If you use QuickBooks often, you might be familiar with QuickBooks Payroll update Error 15270. It usually appears when you’re updating the payroll in QuickBooks. 

It also shows up when an Intuit product runs during the Windows startup process or its update. 

If you’re encountering it, don’t worry. You can resolve it using one of the methods explained in the article. 

Before jumping to the solutions, let’s have a look at the possible reasons that can be behind this error.


  • The error can appear due to incomplete download of update files.

  • User account settings have been turned on and block the internet connection.

  • It can be because Internet Explorer is not your default browser.

  • Corrupted QuickBooks program files.

  • A firewall may be blocking the server’s communication.

  • Another reason that many people ignore is the internet connectivity issue.

  • The system is unable to download the files completely.


Here are a few methods to resolve this error quickly.

Step 1: Turn Off The User Account Control

(For those using Windows 7 or 8)

Open the control panel tab by clicking on the Windows start menu.

Click the view option by the dropdown arrow keys and choose large icons.

Go to the User Accounts.

Now, left-click on the Change User Account Settings.

Move to the slider and click OK.

And here you go!

(For Windows Vista OS)

Click the start menu and open the control panel.

Go to the User Accounts.

Double-click the user account and turn the user account on or off.

Clear the ‘Use User account control’ to protect your desktop and the software.

To ensure the error has been resolved, restart your QuickBooks and the file.

Step 2: Update QuickBooks

Restart the QuickBooks. If the QuickBooks update service shows up, just click on update later.

Go to the ‘help’ icon. Now go to the update QuickBooks screen.

Select the Update Now option.

Click on the Reset updates and then select Get Updates.

Click OK to confirm reset.

Once updated, the ‘Get Updates’ option becomes active. 

Now, restart the QuickBooks.

Choose ‘Install Now’ if the QuickBooks Update service message pops up.

To install the QuickBooks payroll updates, go to the Employee’s tab and get payroll Updates.

Select the ‘Download Entire payroll Update’ and choose the update option.

If your error is not resolved after following the steps above, you can follow the process below.

Ensure that your subscription is active. 

Go to the Employees tab, My Payroll Service tab, then Account/Billing Information or Account Info. (It is for those having Basic, Standard, or Enhanced Payroll.)

Check whether or not your subscription is active. 

If you’re working on an Assisted Payroll account, Go to the ‘Employees’ tab.

Now, My Payroll service, then Account and Billing information.

Once you open the QuickBooks Payroll Account Maintenance page. 

Shut down the display to confirm the update and re-validation of payroll.

Step 3: Download and Install the QuickBooks Tools Hub

If you want to resolve the error in the QuickBooks on your computer, download the QuickBooks Tools hub

It helps resolve the common errors.

After downloading the Tools hub, complete the installation process.

Once completed, you can double-click on the icon to open it.

If you don’t find it, search for it by typing the ‘QuickBooks tools hub’ in the left bar of your window screen.


This article covers QuickBooks Error Support and a complete guide to fixing QuickBooks Error 15270.

It highlights all the possible reasons behind the QuickBooks error and all the steps in detail to resolve it.

Please resolve the error on your computer after following these steps.

If you can’t, you can directly contact QuickBooks support. They will help you do this all.

Don’t forget to share your feedback! 

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