How To Reset Password in QuickBooks Desktop?

How to Recover or Reset QuickBooks Desktop Password

Don’t know what to do if you’ve lost the QuickBooks password? Are you not able to sign in to QuickBooks as an admin? Forgetting the password is frustrating. Isn’t it? In such a situation, I would suggest you go for the password reset option. You can reset the password either manually or by using the QuickBooks password reset tool.

This blog has all the details about resetting the QuickBooks Admin and user passwords. If you do not reset the password, you won’t be able to access QuickBooks Desktop.

There is main two types of passwords on QuickBooks. These passwords include user and admin passwords. With the help of this password, user verify their identity. It is also helpful to access the QuickBooks without any cyber risks.

Why I am not able to reset my QuickBooks password?

At times, users and admins might face trouble in resetting the QuickBooks password. If this is happening, you can try these options:

Check that you have mentioned all the details correctly. So, you need to verify your information especially CAMPS and license number.

Also, check that there are no typing errors while resetting the password.

In case of any issue, you can also use QuickBook’s automated password reset tool. It is a great tool that assists in rectifying the password setup errors.

When you use this automated password reset tool, you can also click on the Search option.

1.   QuickBooks User Passwords

The password reset process for both admin and user in QuickBooks is simple. You can either reset your password manually or by using the automated password tool.

One of the passwords is the user password that allows the creation of user accounts. This password will have limited access rights. So, there will be a lesser risk of data theft.

A user can log in and access all the features of QuickBooks with user passwords. Every individual will have a unique password on QuickBooks. If you want data privacy, you need to keep a strong user password. In addition to this, you can restrict access to sensitive information by keeping a strong user password.

If you’re a QuickBooks software user then check these instructions:

·         Open QuickBooks

·         Sign in the system as an admin user.

·         Tap “Company”

·         Here, you’ll have to choose Set Up Users and Passwords.

·         In the next step, choose Set Up Users.

·         Provide the admin password.

·         From the user list, pick a user that wants to change the password.

·         Look for “Edit User”

·         Enter a new password.

·         Click the “Next” button two times.

·         End the password reset process with the Finish button.

2.   QuickBooks Admin Password

In QuickBooks, Admin password gives access to the employees and control over the QuickBooks company file. During the initial setup of QuickBooks, you can set the admin password.

With this password, the administrator can perform administrative tasks. In addition to this, the admin will also need his password to make changes in the software settings. 

If you’ve misplaced or lost any QuickBooks password, you will have to reset it. You can easily reset the QuickBooks Desktop password by tapping on the “forgot my password” link. Apart from this, you can also download the QuickBooks automated password reset tool. This tool helps get you back into your company file.

If you’re a QuickBooks Admin try this password reset process

The Admin password process will be different for the different versions of QuickBooks. We have mentioned the way of password resetting for QuickBooks 2002, 2019, and later in this blog:

Password resetting for QuickBooks 2020 and later

You will have to first open QuickBooks and then navigate to the company file. On the sign-in screen, you need to look for the “I forgot my password” button and click on it. After this step, you’ll be required to choose an email. The Intuit company will send a token via this email to change the password.

If you’ve received the token, enter it in the given space. In case, you have not received it, simply click on the “Don’t see your email in the list above?”. Also, keep checking your email spam for the email from Intuit QuickBooks. After this, you’ll be guided via on-screen prompts.

Password resetting for QuickBooks 2019 and later

For this, you the admin just have to open the QuickBooks Desktop app. Now, navigate to the QuickBooks sign-in window. Now, tap on the link that says “I Forgot My Password”.

On the password reset page, mention all the details such as name, phone number, and email. Also, you need to enter details of CAMPS and License number. Confirm the process of password reset by clicking “OK”. With all these steps, you can create a new password for QuickBooks Admin.

How to reset your QuickBooks password using an automated password tool?

Another method for QuickBooks password reset is the use of the QuickBooks password reset tool. It is an advanced tool for password replacement and search for QuickBooks company files. Users will have to download this tool for the password reset.

·         From Intuit’s website, download the QuickBooks password reset tool

·         Navigate to the download folder to open the tool

·         Now, browse the company file for password reset

·         Click on the “next” button and open the email that is linked with QuickBooks

·         You’ll receive code from Intuit

·         Enter the code and then reset the QuickBooks password

Using the password reset tool, you can get access to a QuickBooks account.

To sum up

So, all these above-mentioned methods and steps will help you in resetting the QuickBooks user and admin password. Hopefully, the blog has answered all your doubts related to QuickBooks password resetting. In case of any issue while resetting the password, you can also use the QuickBooks password reset tool.








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