Reasons and Solution Of QuickBooks Accountant Copy Failed Error

QuickBooks Accountant Copy Failed

When you use QuickBooks accounting software, you may some technical glitch and it’s completely normal. One of the errors that many users have reported is QuickBooks Accountant Copy Failed that happens while preparing an accountant’s copy.

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Potential reasons behind QuickBooks Accountant Copy Failed

It’s necessary to know the exact reason behind this QuickBooks error so that the right solution can be applied. A few main reasons that cause this failure issue to occur are mentioned here

  • The problem might appear if the QuickBooks software needs an update
  • If the user is using a damaged or corrupted file then this QB error can happen
  • The program file needs to be within 200 MB. You will face this error if the file limit is more than 200 MB.
  • Sometimes, a weak internet connection can also be a reason behind the account copy failure of QB software.
  • It is also possible to witness a failure error if the features of the Firewall are interrupting your upload.
  • A user might get this error message when they create a long dash in Microsoft Word and then copy it to the notes.
  • Another possible reason for the accountant’s failed copy of QuickBooks could be a problem in sending the data to the Intuit Server.

These are a few common and potential reasons that might cause QuickBooks Accountant Copy Failed errors. However, by applying the right solutions to all these problems, one can easily troubleshoot the problem.

Methods to fix QuickBooks Accountant Copy Failed Error

Numerous ways are there using which you can easily troubleshoot this error of the QuickBooks program. Let’s check all these solutions one by one:

Method 1 Check for the special character

In the company file name, avoid using special characters as it leads to the accountant copy failure. Also, you’ll have to check that there’s no comma in the company name or file name.

Method 2 Verify for the long dash in your notes

You can also get this error when there’s a long dash in your notes so you are needed to verify it. If you want to send a file to the client and want to make nay change then do these.

  • Avoid the use of long dashes while entering the text in notes to the client
  • For this, open a new Text Editor or Notepad
  • Then paste the text in the notepad
  • Make sure there’s no use of long dashes in it
  • After that, you can send the file to the client as QBY file.

Method 3 Get the QuickBooks latest version

Remember that the accountant file transfer service will function only with the latest version of QuickBooks application. Aling with this, the updated version of QuickBooks will not generate any technical bugs. So, one easy solution to fix the QuickBooks Accountant Copy Failed is to update the accounting software.

  • From the QuickBooks, you need to go to the “Help menu”
  • In the next step, navigate to the link that says- “Update QuickBooks Desktop”
  • Now, look for the “Update Now” tab. You now need to tick mark the box that says “Reset Update”
  • Click on the “Get Updates” option which will starts the download process of the latest version.
  • After completion of this download process, simply restart your system and open QuickBooks software
  • Next, you’ll have to check the on-screen instructions to install the latest version of the QuickBooks

Method 4 Use of QuickBooks File Doctor tool

Even after trying all these solutions error still exists, move to the next method which is to download QuickBooks file doctor tool. This tool is specially designed and developed so that it can easily rectify and repair different types of QuickBooks errors. If you’re stuck with the damaged company file this tool will be useful for you.

Users can download the file doctor tool from the official Intuit’s website. One can also access it through the QuickBooks Tool hub. No matter what sort of error you’re having while using QuickBooks, you can solve them with this tool.

Method 5 Granting permission to files

  • First of all, you need to access the particular folder where the QuickBooks file is stored.
  • Now, make a right-click on the file
  • After this, you’re needed to choose “sharing and security”.
  • Under the “sharing and security” option, you’ll get a new dialogue box on the screen.
  • Here, you need to choose “permission”.
  • In the next step, add “Browse” that will help you to search the current QuickBooks data service user. This will change with every upgraded version. So, before creation of an accountant’s copy, give the account “Change” and then read “permissions”.
  • In this step, create an accountant’s copy. Ensure, you don’t add any characters in your file path. Try to use only letters in the company name.

Summing up

Here, we conclude that this error of failed accountant copy can be solved with these easy methods. By granting permission to files, using QuickBooks tool hub and updating the QuickBooks can resolve this error.

Even after these solutions if you are getting the right fix then connect with us. We would like to answer all your quires of QuickBooks. Seek experts help by ringing on our tollfree helpline number.

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