How to Fix Not Enough Space on Drive C: QuickBooks?

QuickBooks does not have enough space on Drive C

Want to know how a user can clear up disk space for a QuickBooks desktop? Well, storage issues sometimes interrupt the functioning of the QuickBooks program. You can face this issue with company files due to a lack of storage on the system. Users will get a dialog box indicating –“QuickBooks does not have enough space on Drive C”. Also, users will be requested to free up space on the hard drive so that they can use the QuickBooks on the system. By clearing the temp folders and using disk cleanup, one can easily create space in the system. Let’s learn how you can overcome this sort of problem.

If regardless of all these given steps of creating space, you’re not able to use QuickBooks then contact us through our helpline number. We’ll guide you at every step to provide you with quick solutions.

General steps for clearing the disk space for the QuickBooks program

Getting not enough disk space error message is a common error that most users encounter. So, one needs to remove the unwanted data can create some space for QuickBooks. You can follow these steps one by one to rectify the issues if your QuickBooks is not getting enough space on drive C:

Step 1: Check the available space in the drive

Before you proceed with the implementation of any solution, make sure to check the available space. To perform well QuickBooks requires at least 1 GB of space. If there’s no or less space then, you’ll have to run the installation process.

  • First of all, you need to choose the Windows start menu.
  • Go to the File Explorer into the search and then navigate to the File Explorer
  • From the navigation bar, make sure to choose My computer
  • Heading forward, right-click the icon for the hard drive
  • Go to the C: driven and then click on the properties tab
  • Here, you will get a window that will show you the available space

Step 2: Create space on the hard drive

Seeing an error message on the screen-“QuickBooks there is not enough space on Drive c”? In case of less or no space, you need to create some. Users can clear up disk space and for this, you’ll need to have at least 2.5 GB to run QuickBooks smoothly. Here

QuickBooks not having enough space on drive C is a common trouble that most users face. These are the ways that a user can create space in the hard drive for QuickBooks.

Removing temp files and folder

The temporary folders contain junk files which is of no use. You can delete the files from the temp folder as this is going to free up some hard drive space. While doing so, you need to sign in to the windows. For this, you will have to sign in as an admin.

Remove useless programs

Programs and applications that you don’t use will occupy unnecessary space. In such a situation, you are needed to uninstall such programs. Those programs that are no longer in use can be uninstalled as it will create more space for you.

Cleaning up your disk

One of the easiest ways of creating space in your C drive is performing disk clean-up. This is a useful method that will result in ample space when you have ample files in the downloads folder and recycle bin.

Clear documents or unused photos

If you have tried everything and didn’t get any space then look for the QuickBooks to function well then you need to look for the documents or photos that are of no use. Users can also use the external drive to store all the photos and documents. If you’ve kept any documents or photos in the C drive then this is going to occupy the space. So, either remove all these documents or keep them on an external hard drive to use them later.

Refresh the Install file

Want to install QuickBooks desktop? If yes then you will still require space, so for this you are needed to use the QuickBooks tool hub. In this tool, the user needs to navigate to the installation issues section where you will get all the steps to rectify the issue. After performing all the steps, the user needs to start the installation process again.

Upgrade the QuickBooks

When a user tries every given way of clearing space but doesn’t get any result then they can upgrade the QuickBooks. For this, the user will have to navigate to the cloud hosting service. This needs to be performed if you are using QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise.

Summing up

Clearing up disk space for the QuickBooks program is easy as you need to follow only a few steps. Users can either remove temp folders or try disk clean-up to create some space in the Drive C for QuickBooks.

However, if for any reason you aren’t able to do these steps or facing the same storage issues then it’s better to contact our team of professionals. With our QuickBooks tech support team, you can talk to the support professionals anytime.

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