What is QuickBooks Error 179?

QBDBMgrN Not Running on This Computer

QuickBooks errors are common for the users as it is software. QuickBooks desktop error 179 is one of the common issues that happens when a user tries to log in to a bank website. Because of this error, your bank transactions will be incomplete. However, this error can be solved with a few solutions such as deleting the history from the browser or updating the bank information. Let’s discuss all the solutions to this error in this article.

In case you don’t get any solution from these troubleshooting steps, you can also seek our assistance. We’ll help the users in solving the QuickBooks error by offering sufficient and precise solutions.

To help you fix this problem, we have some resources in this article. But if you need expert help, you can contact us anytime. We have a team of QuickBooks experts who are available 24/7 to assist you. Just call our support line at +1-888-858-6199.

Possible reasons for the QuickBooks Error 179


Before we start understanding the general solutions, let’s find out what causes are triggering the issues. So, the expected reasons are:

  • You’ll face QuickBooks error 179 if transactions are lost or damaged
  • In case of wrong date on the balance sheet
  • If the company file is not present on the host system then this error may rise

General troubleshooting solutions for QuickBooks error 179


Users can witness this error when the QuickBooks desktop application stops responding to the given commands. Damage to the company file is also a sign of the occurrence of error 179. So, these are quick solutions to try by yourself.

  1. Delete the browsing history

One of the solutions that will help rectify the error code 179 is deleting and clearing the browsing history from:

  • The first step in rectifying this problem is starting your internet browser.
  • Now, navigate to the settings option
  • After that, go to the more option.
  • In this step, tap on the option to delete the browsing data.

delete the browsing data

  • Now, it will redirect you to another window where you can see all the browsing data
  • Deletion of the browsing data will require a few minutes so wait for it
  • Once it is done, users can again try to sign in to the bank website.
  1. Sign out if using multiple browsers

This QuickBooks error 179 can occur if the user the same bank site from different browsers. So, in such a situation, a user will have to sign out from all other web browsers which will help in preventing error 179.

  • So, log out from every other device or the browser.
  • Once you have logged out, make sure is no other person is accessing the site with the same credentials as yours.
  • Now, use your credentials in QuickBooks software.
  • In the last step, you will have to try to access the website of the bank


  1. Try updating the Bank Account Info

When a users work on multiple browsers then there are chances of this error 179. If you’ve tried signing out from all other browsers but didn’t get any solution then it’s time to update bank details. To perform the upgrade for your bank details information, you can try these steps:

updating the Bank Account Info

  • Start this process by navigating to the tools section
  • Here, you need to choose the online center option.
  • User now needs to select the financial institution that you are looking for to upgrade.
  • Now, the user needs to press the ctrl key and the F3 key together. This will open up a new window where you’ll have to click on the contact information option.
  • In the next step, select the financial institution and then click on the refresh option.
  • Simply, choose the update option.
  • After this, you’ll have to enter the password
  • Here, make sure to click on the ‘b’ and start the update process.
  • This will resolve the error 179 and if it doesn’t get fixed then you can try the next troubleshooting solutions.
  1. Utilization of QuickBooks Backup Key

The last method that a user can try to fix the QuickBooks desktop error 179 is to get the QuickBooks backup key. For this, users will have to go to the command prompt and type the regedit. This will open up a prompt where you need to select the QuickBooks error 179 and then tap on the option that says export it.

In the next step, the user also needs to choose the QuickBooks backup key from the given folder. Lastly, click on OK which will automatically then update the backup key. In case of any kind of technical glitch, users can also seek QuickBooks Error Support. With this, all sorts of technical troubles will be fixed.

  1. Sign out from the Internet Banking

One of the easiest ways of fixing the error of 179 is signing out from internet banking. For this, you’ll have to check if you are logged in from the computer system or not. In the case of logged-in, users need to sign out from each device.

The next step will be ensuring that you’re using the same login details for every device. After that log in to the bank account to see if you’re able to access it. Here, you need to log in as an admin.

Final words

So, that was it, here, you’ll get general troubleshooting solutions for resolving error code 179. This error will be fixed by signing out from Internet banking, using the QuickBooks backup key, and updating bank account information. Hopefully, these solutions will help in troubleshooting the QuickBooks desktop error 179. If you’re still experiencing any kind of technical glitch while following these solutions then consider contacting the QuickBooks support team. We’ll help rectify the error by solving it via helpline number.

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