How to Troubleshoot QuickBooks Payments Issues?

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These days, accountants and business owners manage their transactions via QuickBooks. However, some QuickBooks payment issues can interrupt your accounting works. This blog has all the common issues and solutions that are related to payment.

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Problem: credit card processing errors


Many times, users of QuickBooks might face trouble while using a credit card. This error happens when you try to process the credit card manually in QuickBooks Payments.

Solution: To solve the credit card processing errors, you’ll have to check that the credit card information that you’ve provided is correct. If the issue still occurs then you will have to delete the cache and temporary files from the browser cache.

credit card processing errors

 So, you just have to remove temporary files through the browser’s settings. After this, you can also switch to Incognito mode in the browser.

credit card processing errors

 After all these steps, users can retry the submission of the information “Pay now link” on your invoice.

Problem: Pay Now link errors with customers

Another payment-related issue that happens while using QuickBooks is “pay now link” errors. A user will see this issue while using the Pay Now link to submit the credit card details during the QuickBooks Payments.

Solution: If this QuickBooks payment error occurs then ensure that the details of the credit card that you enter are accurate. Wrong details ultimately lead to QuickBooks payment issues. Make sure to process the customer payment within QuickBooks.

In addition to this, try clearing the browser cache and cookies. After this, you also need to submit card details again. In QuickBooks, the merchant can also manually start the customer payment to check whether the issue has been solved or not.

Problem: Missing credit card box on invoice

If your QuickBooks payments not working then this could be because of a missing box of credit card on the invoice. When the user tries to create an invoice but is unable to see the credit card box, this type of issue happens.


So, what should be done to rectify this payment issue on QuickBooks?

  • You’ll first have to check the box of “Invoice” setup
  • Click on the Gear icon to choose the option of “Account and Settings”.
  • Navigate to the Sales option and then go to the Online Delivery section.

Missing credit card box on invoice

  • In the next step, tap on click the Pencil icon.
  • Then, you’re needed to tap on the “Set additional options to Online invoice”.
  • When done, you need to save the changes and then exit the settings.

You can also clear the browser for temporary files and cache in case this payment issue doesn’t get solved.

browser for temporary files

Problem: Clear deposit errors

This is mainly an issue that is related to a delayed or held transaction. If you’re a stuck with “clear deposit error” then you will have to follow these steps:


  1. First of all, you need to confirm if the funds were received by the merchant. If it has been received, then go for the correction of the transaction.
  2. The next step is to delete and then re-create the payment.
  • For this, you’ll have to go to the “Sales” option that is present in the left-side menu
  • Now, choose “Customers”.
  • Then hit on the “Customer” name.
  • You’ll again have to tap on the Payment that has caused the Clear deposit error.
  • From the “More” section, select the Remove payment option.
  1. Access the bank deposit of the payment
  • First of all, go to Sales,
  • Then, navigate to “Customers”
  • Make sure to choose the ‘Name’, then again choose the payment that caused the error.
  • From the Customer drop-down, click the option that says deposit amount of X.XX and tap on the blue mark.
  • In case of one payment in the deposit, click on More and then click on the delete the payment.
  • For more payments, you’ll have to uncheck the payment to delete it from the deposit. Lastly, delete the payment in QuickBooks.

Problem: Payment on hold

Is QuickBooks having issues? Well, payment issues are the most common errors that you can witness. While using QuickBooks, users might face some delays when making payments. If the payment gets on hold because of technical glitches, you’ll get an error that says payment hold error

Solution: If you want to solve this issue then you need to input the right payment details. In the next step, the user must check that the deposit account-related details are up-to-date. Along with this, check that you have also chosen the correct bank.

Problems: Missing review and pay option

Are you not seeing the Review and Pay option in QuickBooks payment? You can face this error when you’re only seeing the Review and Print option, but not the Review and Pay link.

Solution: The best solution that the user can try to fix this solution is unchecking the credit card checkbox. Start the process by unchecking the credit card box and then find the customer invoice.

To get the customer invoice, you just need to go to the “Sales” option. Now navigate to the Customers menu to select the Customers. After that, the user will have to select the Customer name and then click on the Invoice transaction list. From here, uncheck the credit card checkbox.

Post that, tap on the invoice that is available in the list of transactions for the customer. Also, you are needed to ensure that the credit card box is checked.

To sum up

So, that was all about managing the QuickBooks payment issues. We have mentioned a few common payment issues along with their solutions. You can try them if you’re stuck with any of them. With this blog, all your queries will be fixed. However, in case of any doubts, you can call us anytime for immediate support and guidance. Seek QuickBooks online error support by dialing the helpline number.

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